“Hello, I’m Steve Smith, founder and president of South Atlantic Coast Regional Center LLC. I have been a real estate developer for nearly 30 years with a track record of $1 billion worth of projects. In 2011, we received approval of our first EB5 Regional Center. We help developers with strong track records raise EB-5 capital for their projects and we sponsor EB-5 investors in high-quality, secure investment projects. Give me a call to discuss your needs.”

Photo of Steve Smith

Stephen Smith, President

(509) 738-4000

Photo of Tong Chin Wu

TC Wu, Vice President

(206) 849-8858

Photo of Diana Harris

Diana Harris

Marketing Director

(206) 774-8320

Photo of Mark Raabe

Mark Raabe, Representative

(206) 396-4741

Photo of Thomas S. Dreyer

Thomas S. Dreyer


(206) 774-8320

Photo of Andrew Ghim

Andrew Ghim


U.S: (206) 602-4459

Korea: 8210.4353.1388

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